Monday, June 14, 2010

The Snoopy Pole

This seems an apt place to start....the beginning. The truth is I grew up on a lake & decided at about 7 that I deplored the taste of those fish that swam with me. Although I would squirm & squeal when they nibbled on my legs, I would also bribe my brothers to toss them back after catching one. I still remember there small suntanned bodies lined up at the end of our dock, snoopy pole in hand. Me praying my parents would not see if they caught one, while assessing what I had to offer. I remember asking if I could pay them, knowing Ryan had more money than all of us kids put together. Ryan, the other middle child in our family, has my favorite laugh. Except when he'd laugh at my bribery attempts and we'd end up choking down the nasty fish he'd caught. That was my intro to fishing.

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