Monday, June 14, 2010

3 babies + mom

not so many nights back, j & i sat on the front porch, dreaming. i sensed motion and noticed 2 birds, sitting on the ledge above us. we peered at each other, unsure how to share the space. more nights - they sat together, we sat too. the plant hanger - their outpost, which is why i have not hung flowers.
they began building a nest, and while inspiring it has also been messy.
i have not cleaned it up....i cannot disturb what they are building.
i am not sure how they spend their days, when not working on the nest, but every night they sit together on the ledge.
i have come to love those birds. sipping my morning coffee, I watch them watch their world.
i feel a kinship with them, i looked at j & said "that's us"
then, momma bird began sitting in the nest, papa bird near by.
she squirmed and moved awkwardly. he did not come close, wise bird.
i watched her anxious. how to ease birth pains?
for days we waited....nothing....and then a brown speckled shell at our feet.
straining for sounds of peeps and hunger cries...nothing.
a neighbor child climbs up and touches the nest.
and then 3 heads are poking up. my heart it possible?
they have 3 babies? it seems ridiculous that my first thought is to call my mom with the good news. i call anyway.

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