Monday, November 15, 2010

Fishing with Sheree

My friend Sheree and I share many things; an intense rivalry in Scrabble, a love for good food, an appreciation of most things found at Anthropologie, and a desire to create - be it knitting a scarf, or trying to mimic a great idea from someone else's blog. But 15 days ago we shared another favorite....a day fishing with my hubby. Jay makes the trip, I feel like I am treating my friend to the best guide service money can buy...I am. But that aside, we 3 also find ourselves rolling with laughter as we enjoy the beautiful scenery and brisk air. Other than a few more knots in our line than expected the day was just about perfect.


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  2. BTW - the exceptionally cute hat Sheree is wearing is begging to be re-created and sold on ETSY.